Airfield plates

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ПАГ 149831.06200014060004200B25
ПАГ 1810121.62200018060005400B25
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Sales of airfield plates in Ukraine

The slabs PAG-14 and PAG-18 were originally intended for the construction of airfields and take-off runways, but can also be used for the construction of roads for freight transport and heavy-duty trucks. Some developers use the precast airfield slabs for arranging entrances, city streets, parking lots, etc. If the weight of the reinforced concrete product is 5.4 and 4.2 tons, the loading rate per one truck is 4 PAG-18 slabs and 5 PAG-14 slabs, respectively. This fact should be taken into account when delivering these concrete slabs to the construction site.

Features of precast airfield slabs

The number "14" in the precast airfield slab marking indicates the thickness of the product. Even though these concrete structures were originally designed for the construction of airfields, today such slabs have a wide range of applications within many branches of industry and the private sector. The quality and strength of the slabs is achieved thanks to the reinforced frame of high strength and heavy grades of M35 concrete.

Precast monolithic airfield slabs have a corrugated surface, which also positively influences the performance and aesthetic properties of these reinforced concrete products. Precast monolithic airfield slab by “VILES” Company is the most practical and reliable solution for the construction of important facilities: take-off runways and roads for heavy vehicles. They also find a wide range of application in the arrangement of warehouses, terminals, industrial areas, and other facilities that require high quality and dense coating.

Thanks to pretty long period of operation, high frost resistance rate (at least F 200), the precast monolithic airfield slabs can be used repeatedly after dismantling to construct temporary roads and sites. These products can be used in the climate zone at a temperature not exceeding -40 Celsius degrees.

“VILES” Company offers to purchase the precast airfield monolithic slabs, produced according to the industry effective quality standards, with delivery to any region of Ukraine. To reach our consultant, call us or leave an order on the website.