Border stones and curbs

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Reinforced concrete border stones and curbs

Concrete curb, or the lawn borders, the garden borders, curbs, etc. are used as dividing elements of pathways, sidewalks, pavements, which are paved by block stone, tile, asphalt or another type of coating.

The products may differ in terms of resistance against natural factors and the strength of the material, depending on the scope of application. In addition to their intended purpose, the border stones are elements of the exterior of the landscape design. They are used for decorating garden pathways and lawns, weekend houses and country houses, pedestrian pathways and parking lots, gas stations, garden squares and parks, gardens and lawns, playgrounds and sports grounds.

Road border stone is a mandatory element of landscaping. Border stones are indispensable for demarcation of pedestrian and traffic areas, as well as for the protection of grounds against erosion, directing drainage streams from the road to special water inlets. When laying tiles and curbs on a pedestrian sidewalk, it is important to consider not only the aesthetic component but also ensure that rainwater does not accumulate and does not destroy the construction material. Special trays and drains are installed for these purposes. Otherwise, the border stone can quickly collapse and become unusable.

Manufacturing technology of the product

Sidewalk border stones can be produced in two ways: by vibrocompression and vibratory casting. Border stones with the marking "VP" are produced according to the technology of semi-dry vibrocompression. They are characterized by durability and resistance against atmospheric factors.

Such products have precise shapes and geometric dimensions. They are much lighter than reinforced concrete border stones, which simplifies the transportation and installation process. The frost resistance rate of concrete products is about 200 cycles; the coefficient of water absorption is not exceeding 6%, the strength is equal to the class of concrete of B30 brand. Border stone is distinguished by its form: BR - straight standard, BO - straight extended.

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