Purpose of reinforced concrete bottoms for manholes

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In some regions of Ukraine, groundwater level lies so close to the surface of the ground that the installation of reinforced concrete manholes is simply impossible without the application of the specific reinforced concrete elements such as bottoms. Therefore, before designing and assembling the utility structures, specialists of the "VILES" Company recommend investigating the ground and determining of groundwater level depth.

If the results of the research have shown that the groundwater level complies with the level of the manholes for cesspools, septic tanks, ventilation shafts or other utility communications, then the assembling of the precast circular structures is carried out with the application of bottoms.

Installing the manhole with the bottom

During the construction of utility communications, at first, the reinforced concrete bottom should be installed at the very base of the shaft. Then reinforced concrete manholes, manhole cover and hatch should be installed. The joint between the bottom and the manhole must be securely sealed with special mortar. The correct installation of the bottom determines the reliability and performance of the entire well. The slightest deviation from the horizontal axis will lead to cracks and damage to the tightness of the engineering structure and leakage of hazardous waste into the ground.

Types of the bottoms

The reinforced concrete bottom of the manhole is a solid reinforced concrete slab of round form with mounting hinges for the possibility of installation or removal in the course of maintaining the utility networks.

"VILES" Company offers to purchase the manhole bottoms with the range of diameters 1530-2500 mm, which correspond to the size of the reinforced concrete manhole rings. The strength of the bottoms depends on the concrete brand and the thickness of the product. Such dimensions of the products are conditioned by the requirements of effective GOST. Reinforced concrete manhole bottoms must withstand significant loads, be resistant against ground mobility and aggressive environment impact. For the manufacturing of the reinforced concrete bottoms, heavy brands of concrete of class B15 and B25 are used.

We recommend purchasing the bottoms along with manholes and hatches from a single vendor. This will be a guarantee of purchasing the products which comply with each other by their dimensions. Are you having a problem choosing the necessary components for your utility networks? Our experts will help to select the optimal set of the manholes, depending on their purpose, the particular installation site, and the flow mass rates. The delivery of products is carried out all over Ukraine.