Foundation blocks (FBS), special foundation blocks

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
ФБС 9.3.6Т326.02300580890350B7.5
ФБС 9.4.3Т214.33400280880235B7.5
ФБС 9.4.6Т430.16400580880468B7.5
ФБС 9.5.6Т535.82500580890586B7.5
ФБС 9.6.6Т646.00600580880705B7.5
ФБС 12.3.6Т484.513005801180490B7.5
ФБС 12.4.6Т646.004005801180636B7.5
ФБС 12.5.6Т805.995005801180795B7.5
ФБС 12.6.6Т965.986005801180955B7.5
ФБС 24.3.6Т647.513005802380975B7.5
ФБС 24.4.6Т860.3340058023801305B7.5
ФБС 24.5.6Т1073.1550058023801630B7.5
ФБС 24.6.6Т1290.4960058023801950B7.5
ФБС 9.3.6Т В15445.27300580880350B7.5
ФБС 9.4.3Т В15270.17400280880235B7.5
ФБС 9.4.6Т В15599.21400580880468B7.5
ФБС 9.4.6Т В25701.85400580880468B7.5
ФБС 9.5.6Т В15762.22500580880586B7.5
ФБС 9.5.6Т В25892.03500580880586B7.5
ФБС 12.3.6Т В15665.633001180580490B15
ФБС 12.4.6Т В15899.594005801180636B15
ФБС 12.4.6Т В251056.554005801180636В25
ФБС 12.5.6Т В151141.075005801180795В15
ФБС 12.5.6Т В251331.245005801180795В25
ФБС 12.6.6Т В151353.896005801180955В15
ФБС 24.3.6Т В15892.033005802380975В15
ФБС 24.4.6Т В151196.9240058023801305В15
ФБС 24.5.6Т В151516.9050058023801630B15
ФБС 24.5.6Т В251776.5050058023801630B25
ФБС 24.6.6Т В151805.1960058023801950B15
ФБС 9.3.6Т В12.5436.20300580880490B7.5
ФБС 9.4.6Т В12.5587.14400580880636B7.5
ФБС 9.5.6Т В12.5719.96500580880795B7.5
ФБС 9.6.6Т В12.5873.91600580880955B7.5
ФБС 12.3.6Т В12.5658.083005801180490B12.5
ФБС 12.4.6Т В12.5881.464005801180636B12.5
ФБС 12.5.6Т В12.51082.205005801180795В12.5
ФБС 12.6.6Т В12.51308.616005801180955В12.5
ФБС 24.3.6Т В12.5875.433005802380975В12.5
ФБС 24.4.6Т В12.51175.7940058023801305В12.5
ФБС 24.5.6Т В12.51441.4350058023801630B12.5
ФБС 24.6.6Т В12.51744.8160058023801950В12.5
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Foundation blocks (FBS), special foundation blocks The construction of the basement walls in a private house or some industrial structures requires the presence of special foundation blocks that distribute the load all over the basis. These blocks consist of heavy frost-resistant brands (F50) of concrete, which belong to the strength class B7,5 or another. We can fulfill any customer's request, depending on the required durability, reliability, and quality of construction structures.

High requirements in terms of product quality and the pace of construction works call for the application of practical and universal elements for the construction of foundations. Construction technologies using foundation blocks pay themselves off in terms of financial and time costs. The vast majority of Ukrainian developers aims to purchase special foundation blocks because of financial gain and possible minimization of labor costs. Existing manufacturing technologies for special foundation blocks production enable the construction of complex reinforced concrete structures according to individual orders.

Application of special foundation blocks

The special foundation blocks (with their dimensions reaching 2380 × 580 × 600 mm) have a wide range of application:

  • Arrangement of a strip foundation, the blocks of rectangular shape is used, with dents at the ends of them. The dimensions of the product and the brand of concrete are chosen depending on the purpose and regulatory standards.
  • Installation of various foundations for civil and industrial construction.
  • Erecting the walls for bomb shelters, vegetable stores, basements and ground floors of premises.
  • Erecting the enclosing structures for highways, construction of ramps and flyovers.

The manufacturing technology, in this case, becomes an object of strict attention. Any mistakes can cause great risks for the safety of personnel and integrity of industrial equipment at the construction site. Therefore, developers prefer to purchase special foundation blocks from approved vendors, and “VILES” Company is among the few.

Advantages of the foundation blocks by “VILES” Company

We sell our foundation blocks at a bargain price, as they come directly from the manufacturer. Our products also possess some remarkable features:

  1. They have the excellent bearing capacity.
  2. They are resistant to the influence of negative atmospheric conditions.
  3. We offer a wide assortment of standard sizes for various construction challenges.
  4. The products have high parameters of frost resistance, enduring significant temperature variations.
  5. Term of operation of special foundation blocks of FBS type is 100 years.
  6. The constant quality of production, which is confirmed by hundreds of completed and fully delivered objects, as well as by the state certificates of conformity.
  7. Operational delivery of construction materials to the customer's construction site.

For more detailed advice on the purchase and delivery of foundation blocks, you can find out from our managers via phone.