Foundations for fence panels

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Reinforced concrete foundations for fence panels

To protect industrial and civil utility lines, builders use special fence panels installed upon the concrete foundations. The reinforced concrete foundations provide a stable position of the fences into the ground.

The foundation of socket type is a reinforced concrete structure, and the series of these elements create substantive support along the fence strip foundation is mounted upon them. The main advantage of the application of reinforced concrete foundations is the absence of the necessity for substantial deepening of the fence pillars, while standard pillars should be deepened into the ground for 1/3 of the fence panel height. Thanks to this feature and the high strength of these concrete foundations, there is a unique opportunity to build massive fences and enclosures of almost any height and length. At the same time, the high speed of installation ensures a short project implementation time.

Features of the foundation fence panels

The foundations are mainly produced in a square and trapezoidal shape with a square or longitudinal incision for the pillar. Foundations with longitudinal incisions should be used when the fences installed have no supportive legs. The sockets with a square incision allow installing the fences with "supportive legs." After assembly work, you need to seal the joints. The substrates with a thickness of not less than 3 cm should be installed under the ribs of the fence to ensure the safety of people and transport on the road.

The advantage of the reinforced concrete foundations is their perfectly flat surface, excellent operational, and technological properties. The application if the socket type foundations along with the fence panels make it possible to erect a structure with the following properties:

  • resistance against adverse atmospheric factors,
  • resistance to frost is over 100 cycles,
  • water tightness,
  • a long period of operation.

The above characteristics have been achieved through the use of high-quality concrete, reinforced by a heavy metal frame, which allows withstanding significant loads.

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