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КС 7.31.28130840700
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КС 7.91.28380840700
КС 10.31.2820011601000
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КС 15.31.2834016801500
КС 15.61210.5366316801500
КС 15.91.28100016801500
КС 20.31.2848022002000
КС 20.61.2898020002000
КС 20.92715.32145022002000
КС 24.61.28135026002400
КС 24.121.28270026002400
КС 24.201.28450026002400
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Reinforced concrete manholes are intended for the construction of various wells, which are used as structures for installation of above-ground and underground utility networks in the conditions of aggressive and mildly aggressive grounds. Wells rings have high durability and reliability thanks to the use of heavy brands of concrete and high-quality reinforcement in the process of their manufacturing. Reinforced concrete products are environmentally friendly; therefore, they do not harm the environment. Concrete manholes for wells are the main structural elements of utility networks, including the following:

  • inspection wells;
  • septic tanks;
  • wastewater treatment facilities;
  • ventilation shafts;
  • water pipelines and gas pipelines;
  • communication systems;
  • storage containers, etc.

“VILES" Company offers a cost-effective solution for the construction of wells. This is the application of the reinforced concrete manholes by the best Ukrainian manufacturers of concrete products. The useful lifetime of the product is up to 50 years upon the condition of proper operation.

Application of the reinforced concrete manholes

The use of reinforced concrete products is the only correct and profit-making solution for the construction of utility lines. The process of manufacturing the product is regulated by the requirements of the GOST 8020-90. The strength of their structure is achieved through the use of heavy brands of concrete, which protects their reinforcement elements against corrosion under the influence of aggressive environments. It is especially demanded in operation of sewer manholes, wastewater treatment plants and water towers, water supply pipelines, gas supply pipelines, drainage systems to decrease groundwater levels.

For example, to increase the depth of the well, it is enough to install the manholes one on top of another and treat the joints between them with cement mortar.

All dimensions of the reinforced concrete manholes are standardized, which simplifies installation of them and expands the possibilities of constructing large objects. The most popular types presented at the market are KS-10 manholes and KS-20 manholes with an internal diameter of 1 and 2 meters, respectively. But these items of standard dimensions are not exhausting the catalog of our company. Here you can purchase the manholes for wells at a reasonable price to build minor and major utility lines with the delivery of the products to the construction site. All products have the appropriate certificates, which confirm the quality and reliability of the reinforced concrete products, which do not require repair and maintenance in the course of operation. You can make an order by phone or filling out a request form online.