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weight, kgexternal diameter, mm inner diameter, mm
KC 7.3П1.70130840700
KC 7.5П1.70220840700
KC 7.6П1.70270840700
KC 7.9П1.70380840700
КС 10.3П1.7020011601000
КС 10.5П1.7033011601000
КС 10.6П1.7040011601000
КС 10.9П1.7060011601000
КС 15.3П1.70134016801500
КС 15.5П1.7055016801500
КС 15.6П1.7066016801500
КС 15.9П1.70100016801500
КС 20.3П1.7048022002000
КС 20.6П1.7098022002000
КС 20.9П1.70148022002000
КС 24.6.П1.70135026002400
КС 24.12П1.70270026002400
КС 24.20П1.70450026002400
КС 30.10-І.П1.70390033003000
КС 30.10-ІІІ.П1.70380033003000
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Reinforced concrete rings for wells with inner polyethylene liner are special structures made of heavy brands of concrete using vibrocompression using special equipment. These reinforced concrete products are used for the construction of utilities, including vertical wells and storage tanks for process liquids.

Concrete precast rings for wells, following the requirements of GOST 6727-80, are reinforced with the wire of class BP-1, and from the inside, there is a polyethylene shell for protection against the influence of aggressive substances (compounds of salts, petroleum products, and acids) and low temperatures to -70 Celsius degrees.

"VILES" Company offers to purchase the reinforced concrete rings with polyethylene liner of European quality by the best Ukrainian manufacturers. The products meet the requirements of the standards and international regulatory norms. Here you can purchase the reinforced concrete rings for wells with inner polyethylene within the range of internal diameters 700-3000 mm and heights up to 1 meter.

Advantages of our reinforced concrete rings for wells

Based on our sales experience and feedback from our customers, we can state that our reinforced concrete rings for wells have shown themselves the best way and are fully meet the claimed advantages:

  1. Resistance against corrosion This feature is achieved employing polyethylene protective liner.
  2. Lack of buoyancy The significant weight of the product makes it possible to install structures in the presence of groundwater.
  3. The durability of utility networks This feature is provided by the reliable folded joint of the rings, which withstands significant vertical loads and movement of grounds.
  4. Tightness and water resistance The method of connecting the rings provides an ideally hermetic construction of structures; the operation period of those is up to 50 years.
  5. Simple installation Folded joints of reinforced concrete rings do not require special skills while installation process, there is no need for any knowledge of special technology, and high financial costs to install them successfully.

Our company offers reinforced concrete rings for wells, which are durable and reliable in operation. Also, we provide prompt delivery of the products to any city of Ukraine. You can fix an order via the Company website or using the phone numbers present on the website. We will deliver your order directly to the construction site.