Tongue and groove manhole rings, their purpose and operational features

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Tongue and groove manholes, in contrast to usual manholes, possess improved performance and reliability, thanks to the presence of connecting grooves that provide a tight fitting of the rings. A concrete ring, according to the European standard, is designed specifically for the construction of inspectional utility networks: wells, water pipes, and gas pipelines. Reinforced concrete rings are positioned on the market as the elements of in-depth structures, which are installed following the level of groundwater into the environments which does not contain any aggressive substances or contain them in minimal concentrations. Tongue and groove manholes, made of high-strength concrete (not less than the B15 class of strength) using modern vibrocompression equipment, have a wide scope of application as components of various underground communications:

  • inspection wells;
  • cesspools (septic tanks);
  • wastewater treatment facilities;
  • ventilation shafts;
  • utility systems (communication lines);
  • power supply system and water supply system.

There are various sizes of precast reinforced concrete rings to be selected, depending on the requirements for sewer maintenance holes, gas control manhole chambers, water conduit wells, dumb wells, and network wells.

Installation of tongue and groove manholes

The installation of wells using tongue and groove rings might be performed in several ways:

  1. By stacking the rings, one by one with the following sealing of the structure at the junction points using cement mortar.
  2. Lowering the reinforced concrete bottom in the well, with further installing reinforced concrete manholes; joints between them are also cemented and sealed with mortar.
  3. The third way combines previous installation options. The difference lies in the fact that the ready-mounted well is covered with a reinforced concrete lid, with a hatch or without it.

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