Concrete stair flights

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
1ЛМ 27.11.14-4 Л4058.481050128524001330B25
1ЛМ 27.12.14-4 Л4372.091200128524001520B25
1ЛМ 30.11.15-4 Л5505.791050143527001480B25
1ЛМ 30.11.15-4 П5505.791050143527001480B25
1ЛМ 30.12-15-4 П6288.981200143527001700B25
1ЛМ 30.12.15-4 Л6288.981200143527001700B25
1ЛМ 30.12.15-4-С6288.981200143527001700B25
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Stair flights are a mandatory element in the construction of high-rising buildings and cottages, commercial and administrative structures, productive and industrial facilities. They are necessary to arrange communication between different floors. Installation of the stair flight construction is carried out quickly using weight carrying cranes. The reinforced concrete stair flights are manufactured by the GOST - 9818-85 standards. According to this standard, the concrete used for manufacturing the product must be not lower than the B15 class, which allows operating the structure for at least 25 years.

Features and advantages of stair flights

The stair flight is the main bearing element of the stairs. It is a structure, consisting of steps, and each step is made in the form of a flat concrete slab. There is also another technology for making marches using thin concrete slabs, equipped with longitudinal beams, which is called a stringboard. Manufacturers use concrete of a dense texture for the safe and durable operation of the product.

oncrete structures made of quality concrete can be reliably operated both in heating and non-heated premises. They should withstand wind loads, negative impacts of moisture, temperature fluctuations, and even seismological activity. The maximum permissible operating temperature of the reinforced concrete products for the erection of stair flights is up to -40 Celsius degrees. In the course of the stair lights installation, safety standards and industry standards must be taken into account. According to them, the number of steps varies from 3 to 18, with the width of the stair flights being at least 0.9 meters. The stair flight should fit the size of the landing platform, so it is important to choose the proper type of the product.

"VILES" Company offers reinforced concrete stair flights of various standard sizes; the cost of the products is indicated in the company price. The flexible discount system has been developed for our wholesale customers. All the products are provided with a quality guarantee and the product passport.