Concrete landing platforms

available products
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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
2 ЛП 22.12-4 к2736.9513003202480980В15
2 ЛП 25.12-4 к2795.66130032027801080В15
2 ЛП 25.15-4 к3666.33160032027801250B15
2 ЛП 22.12-4 к л2783.9213003202480980B15
2 ЛП 25.12-4 к л2795.66130032027801080В15
2 ЛП 25.15-4 к л3666.06160032027801250В15
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Precast reinforced concrete landing platforms are indispensable elements of modern construction, which have no analogs. They connect stair flights to construct stairwells between floors inside residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The main advantages of the landing platforms are their durability and quick installation, which is very important in terms of meeting the schedule of construction works when building a house.

As with stair flights, heavy concrete of superior quality (not lower than B15 brand) is used for the landing platforms, which will allow to increase the operation lifetime for the structure and withstand considerable loads. Reinforced concrete landing platforms can be installed in monolithic concrete houses or brick houses.

Design features of the product

The concrete landing platforms allow erecting not only internal but also external stair flights, for example, in administrative buildings. The minimum temperature at which the landing platforms are allowed to be operated in unheated houses or outdoors must not exceed - 40 Celsius degrees. The main types of products are the landing platforms marked as "1lp" or "2lp". The former has a flat surface, and the latter has a finned surface. They also might be distinct as the right-hand and left-hand ones, depending on the direction of installation of the reinforced concrete structure. The product is the mandatory element of the stairs in a multi-story building, and if it is made in compliance with the requirements of the GOST, it will serve up to 50 years.

“VILES” Company offers profitable conditions to purchase the landing platforms made of high-strength concrete by the best Ukrainian manufacturers. Thanks to the dealer price, we can offer a significantly lower price for this type of production. An average discount is 5-10%, depending on the particular batch volume. We provide respective passports for all products along with a guarantee issued by the manufacturer. For wholesale customers, we offer additional discounts and various loyalty programs to save on wholesale procurements.