Reinforced concrete stormwater tanks for civilian and industrial facilities

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ЗП 1-2692.436104001010334В15
ЛП 1-11006.246108001010501В15
ЗП 1ПН1035.466108001010669В15
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Heavy and continuous rainfalls or large-scale snow thawing bring heavy damage to civilian and industrial construction sites. Excessive moisture quickly destroys the foundation, the walls, and other elements of the structure. This issue can be solved by controlling and directing the flow of water through the desired channel (drainage point) by stormwater sewage. The drainage points in the sewer system are special, reinforced concrete structures. Builders usually refer them to as stormwater tanks or rainwater tanks. These structural elements are installed underground at precisely selected locations of the land plot, the adjacent territory of a private house, a cottage, a weekend house or a production facility. Underground communication acts as a reservoir for excessive water to provide its further transfer through the sewage system.

This stormwater tank is very important, especially for an expensive mansion. Proper installation of the reinforced concrete structure will prevent the periodic accumulation of water next to the buildings and other structures, thereby extending their operation period and intermaintanance period of the construction object.

The storm sewage tank must have strong construction to withstand massive flows during the spring thaw, thunderstorms, leakage from rainwater downpipes, etc.

The most popular type of product presented on the market is the LP-1 rainwater tank.

Sales of genuine stormwater tanks

“VILES” Company delivers stormwater tanks to private individuals and legal entities. The products are produced by the best Ukrainian manufacturers. In addition to their low price, our reinforced concrete products have several advantages:

  1. Strength and resistance to the environment It is provided by heavy concrete of B15 brand.
  2. Fast and convenient installation with no special knowledge and skills required. The tank can be lifted using special hinges.
  3. Stormwater tanks provide the durability for the buildings nearby and create adequate sanitary conditions nearby.

"VILES" Company offers the reinforced concrete stormwater tanks of various modifications with direct delivery to the construction site of the customer. Our stormwater tanks are meant to withstand heavy loads of water. Thanks to their strong construction, they can be used repeatedly. Any questions remain still? Our consultants will provide you with all of the necessary information.