Construction of utility networks using reinforced concrete trays

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Reinforced concrete trays are widely used in the construction of industrial and civilian objects. Reinforced concrete products are the main elements in the installation of pipelines supplying drink water and energy products. The underground channels for installing utility networks and cable tracks are arranged using concrete trays. Concrete trays of utility networks can be used not only for the arrangement of external and internal systems of industrial objects but also in case of planting grounds, in the presence of groundwater, in seismic areas. Reinforce concrete trays allow protecting the heating main against the impact of atmospheric factors, aggressive environment, and mechanical damage. The main advantages of the reinforced concrete structures are the following:

  1. Heat insulation characteristics allow minimizing thermal losses of energy resources and increasing energy efficiency of communications.
  2. Moisture and wear-resistance they provide for utility lines. Thanks to a reliable barrier between the heating main and the environment, the durability and working capacity of the engineering networks increase.
  3. Convenience and simplicity of their installation The products are to be mounted at the particular site; they simplify the installation of industrial pipelines.
  4. Reliability and durability of exploitation are up to 50 years, which is achieved thanks to the use of high-quality concrete brands (B15, B25) and iron reinforcement.

The application of reinforced concrete trays and coatings allows reaching an entirely new level of construction of roads. It is so thanks to the fact that without major financial expenses and damaging road coating, it becomes possible to maintain and repair the utility networks.

Purchase concrete trays with delivery all over Ukraine

Concrete trays are marked with the letter "L" and numbers indicating the type and the dimensions of the product. Each marking contains the length and the height of the tray, the cross-section, the brand of concrete, and the weight of the structure.

“VILES” Company offers to purchase concrete trays for utility networks by the best Ukrainian manufacturers, which participate in winning cooperation with us. The dealer price for reinforced concrete trays coming directly from their manufacturer allows not only to save on the procurement, but also to deliver the order directly to the construction site of the customer. You can apply now by calling the phones listed in the CONTACTS section.