Bases of power transmission lines

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СВ 95-2,01.289500750
СВ 105-3,61.28105001180
СВ 105-5,01.28105001180
СВ 164-10,71.28164003550
СВ 164-12,11.28164003350
СК 22.2 - 1.11.28226006500
СК 26.1 - 1.11.28260006821
СК 26.1 - 6.11.28260007090
СК 26.2 - 1.11.28260006052
СК 22,1 – 2,11.28226006300
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Concrete bases of power transmission lines

Reinforced concrete transmission lines bases are structures used for the installation of overhead transmission lines up to 35 kV (or, even more) at the required distance from ground zero.

The bases are the main supportive elements of transmission lines, to which special requirements of quality and reliability are imposed. For the transmission lines up to 110 kV, the pillars of centrifuged concrete are used. There are several types of the bases that can be used as pillars to arrange street lighting and as transmission lines components. For example, the supports of SV 105-3,6 type find their application as intermediate columns for the 0,38 kV lines.

Until recently, the erection of concrete poles has been carried out by digging ditches, but this method of installation is rather difficult in modern, restrained urban conditions. Today, along with the advancement of modern technologies, contracting organizations are installing the supports by pressing or driving them into the ground using the cranes and special hydraulic equipment, the so-called pile drivers. The height of the base and the length of the traverse depend on the voltage transmitted through the power lines.

Advantages of transmission line bases

The transmission line bases, presented in our Company's online catalog, have high resistance against corrosion and impacts of the reactive components contained in the air. This condition realizes itself through the use of heavy grades of concrete and quality reinforcement.

Reinforced concrete supports are more strong and durable than wooden structures. They do not harm nature and the environment. It is the best option to arrange an electric power system for any location, in terms of economy, profitability, and speed of installation and construction works execution.

“VILES” Company offers favorable terms for purchasing high-quality transmission line bases at wholesale prices. To arrange the delivery, contact our managers via the phones listed on the website.