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Reinforced concrete fence panels

For the construction of industrial and civilian objects, special fencing elements are used. These are reinforced concrete fence panels, which allow not only restricting access to the object but also to decorate a private house or an adjacent territory. “VILES” Company offers to purchase the panels in several versions presented in the following table.

Scope of application and features of the reinforced concrete panels

Reinforced concrete fence panels are widely used in productive and industrial sphere thanks to their main advantages:

  • reliability. High strength concrete and reinforcement is used;
  • fast installation process. The installation technology is reduced to the installation of "legs" of the fence into the special sockets;
  • Economies. The cost of the reinforced concrete products and the cost of installation will be lower, than as for erecting a fence made of stone or brick;
  • Aesthetics. Reinforced concrete fence fits perfectly into the general exterior of a private house, a weekend house or an industrial area.

Scope of application of the reinforced concrete fencing panels is not limited. Such structures can be installed as temporary fences at the construction sites or permanently in different territories.

The concrete fencing panels perform several tasks simultaneously:

  • prevent entry into the protected area;
  • perform sound insulation and protection against wind erosion;
  • Adorn the surrounding area.

Fences are produced in several types and dimensions. The most popular on the Ukrainian market is the fence panels of the 400 2 type. The transportation and installation of panels are carried out using special equipment because the lightest among them weighs 880 kg and the heaviest one is more than 1500 kg. After installing the fence into the sockets, the joint points should be fixed and filled with concrete mortar.

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