Concrete lintels and covers

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
1ПБ 10-188.8912065103020B15
1ПБ 13-197.2712065129025B15
1ПБ 16-1130.8112065155030В15
2 ПП 14-4756.363801401420189В15
2 ПП 17-5853.623801401680223В15
2 ПП 18-5978.013801401810241В15
2 ПП 21-61115.253801402070275B15
2 ПП 23-71219.223801402330310B15
2 ПП 25-81311.453801402460325B15
6ПБ 35-374528.062502903500635B15
7ПБ 60-529899.6925058559602175В15
8 ПП 17-5885.493801401680303В15
8 ПП 18-5974.383801401810327B15
8 ПП 21-61459.043801402070374B15
8 ПП 23-71631.783801402330421B15
8 ПП 25-81749.183801402460445B15
2 ПГ 39-313880.712504403890800-----
2 ПГ 42-314162.452504404150830В15
2 ПГ 44-314972.482504404410900B15
2 ПГ 48-315514.732504404800980B15
3 ПП 14-711153.823802201420297B15
3 ПП 16-711266.183802201550325B15
3 ПП 18-711459.043802201810378В15
3 ПП 21-712628.513802202070433В15
3 ПП 27-712897.963802202720568B15
3 ПП 30-102421.673802202980623B15
5 ПГ 35-173085.793802903500800В15
5 ПГ 35-374373.783802903500800B15
6 ПГ 44-406367.2438044044101530B15
6 ПГ 60-3110231.7538044059802070B15
8 ПП 14-71897.233801901420256B15
8 ПП 16-711126.983801901550280В15
8 ПП 18-711309.793801901810327B15
8 ПП 21-711883.343801902070374B15
2ПБ 10-1-п162.67120140103030B15
2ПБ 13-1-п169.39120140129055В15
2ПБ 16-2-п234.78120140155065B15
2ПБ 17-2-п268.33120140168070B15
2ПБ 19-3-п315.29120140194088B15
2ПБ 22-3-п370.63120140220093B15
2ПБ 25-3-п379.021201402460103B15
2ПБ 26-4-п380.691201402590110В15
2ПБ 29-4-п438.831201402890120В15
3ПБ 18-8-п379.021202201810120В15
3ПБ 21-8-п410.881202202070138B15
3ПБ 25-8-п484.671202202460163B15
3ПБ 27-8-п550.081202202720180В15
3ПБ 30-8-п593.671202202980196B15
3ПБ 34-4-п692.631202203370220В15
3ПБ 36-4-п712.761202203630240B15
3ПБ 39-8-п977.721202203890258B15
4ПБ 48-8-п1620.051202904800430В15
8ПБ 10-1-п137.5212090103028В15
8ПБ 17-2-п254.9112090168045В15
8ПБ 19-3-п291.8112090194052B15
9ПБ 18-8-П389.071201901810103В15
9ПБ 21-8-п424.301201902070118B15
9ПБ 25-8-п526.591201902460140В15
9ПБ 27-8-п586.971201902720155В15
3ПБ 13-37-п315.29120220129085B15
3ПБ 16-37-п412.571202201550103B15
3ПБ 18-37-п424.301202201810120В15
5ПБ 18-27-п694.302502201810250B15
5ПБ 21-27-п853.622502202070285B15
5ПБ 25-37-п1123.632502202460338В15
5ПБ 27-37-п1678.742502202720375В15
5ПБ 34-20-п1826.322502203370463B15
5ПБ 36-20-п2248.382502203630500-----
9ПБ 13-37-п313.61120190129074В15
9ПБ 16-37-п410.88120190155088B15
9ПБ 18-37-п484.671201901810103B15
10ПБ 18-27-п665.792501901810215B15
10ПБ 21-27-п853.622501902070246B15
10ПБ 25-37-п1499.292501902460292B15
10ПБ 27-37-п2213.722501902720323B15
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To purchase concrete lintels and covers with delivery all over Ukraine

The bearing structures category includes concrete lintels, which are applied in the civil and industrial construction industry. The purpose of this element is a redistribution of the load received from massive of brick, slag block, aerated concrete block or gas concrete block placed upon the door and window openings. The dimensions of these concrete structures are specified in the project design documentation and are classified by the GOST 948-84.

Types and markings

When it is necessary to select the lintels, their dimensions are determined according to the required strength, which is calculated depending on the weight of the structure, that is to be placed upon them. These reinforced concrete structures are classified into several types:

  • PB (lintel block). Width - 250 mm.
  • GHG (lintel beam). Have a ledge to support the floor slabs.
  • PF (front element). When installed, stand beyond the wall plane.
  • PP (slab plate). In cross-section they excess 250 mm.

To purchase lintels for certain tasks, you need to pay attention not only to the lettering part of the product marking but also to numbers that correspond to geometric dimensions in millimeters.

Purpose of application

The main task of these elements is to form the support for the masonry elements, located above the door and window openings. It is necessary so that the load does not damage the blocks. But even if the openings are not vitrified and the door installation is not provided, reinforced concrete lintels are necessary to prevent a possible collapse of the structures over time.

The elements are arranged horizontally, and the masonry is mounted on top of them. If the construction material takes significant compressive loads, then heavy concrete brands are applied. The concrete lintels with the reinforced frame inside made of steel with a cross-section of 0.4 -0.6 mm prevent the destruction of the structure due to bending and tension loads. For their maximum lifetime, the reinforced concrete products are manufactured by the effective demands and regulations of the TU (DSTU).

To purchase the reinforced concrete lintels with delivery all over Ukraine

For the procurement to be reasonable, and the cost of construction works is minimal, it is necessary to order reinforced concrete products from manufacturers whose production facility is located as close as possible. In doing so, one should take into account that it should be an approved vendor famous for high-quality products. Our company arranges the delivery of reinforced concrete lintels to your construction site at a minimum price at the stipulated date.