What are the concrete tray top slabs?

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
ПТ 12.5-11- 9531.07900801100200В15
ПТ 12.5-13-13898.621300801300340В15
ПТ 12.5-16-141215.871400801400450В15
ПТ 75.120.12-9884.657401201180275В15
ПТ 75.150.12-61215.877401201480325В15
ПТ 75.180.14-31259.187401401780450В15
ПТ 75.210.14-62132.667401402080540В15
ПТ 75.240.14-31967.757401402380625В15
ПТ 75.240.14-62448.517401402380625В15
ПТ 300.120.12-62697.28118012029901050B20
ПТ 300.120.12-93157.05118012029901050B20
ПТ 300.150.12-64600.74299012014801325В15
ПТ 300.180.14-34579.76178014029901875В15
ПТ 300.180.14-64815.95178014029901875B20
ПТ 300.210.14-67567.73208014029902175В15
ПТ 300.240.14-69958.94238014029902500В15
ПТ 75.150.14-151397.557401401480400B20
ПТ 75.180.14- 91531.727401401780455В15
ПТ 75.180.16-121589.017401601780520В15
ПТ 75.180.20-152132.667402001780650В15
ПТ 75.210.20-152788.107402002080650В15
ПТ 75.240.20- 92695.877402002380880В15
ПТ 300.120.12-123608.47118012029901050B20
ПТ 300.120.12-153785.96118012029901050B20
ПТ 300.150.14- 94789.40148014029901550В15
ПТ 300.150.14-125342.83148014029901550В15
ПТ 300.180.16-127093.97178016029902130В15
ПТ 75.180.14-1.51136.207401401780450В15
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Concrete tray top slabs are reinforced concrete structures whose primary purpose is the construction of underground communications in conditions of high moisture. Together with reinforced concrete trays, the slabs are used for the construction of heating mains, the construction of utility networks, including pipelines and cable lines.

The slabs are mounted tightly over the trays, thus providing effective protection of cables and pipes against the impact of atmospheric conditions: moisture, aggressive environment, temperature.

The top slab mounted over on the tray of heating mains will also provide preservation of pipes and stability of utility networks against ground movement and seismic processes. The channel top slab provides quick access to maintenance and repair of engineering communications. The hinges must be provided to the structure of the top slab to make its installation easier. The slabs also retain heat, that decreases thermal losses in pipelines and heating mains, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the whole enterprise. During the pipeline repair work, the concrete tray top slab is removed and, when the work is completed, it is returned to its previous place. Repeated use of the top slabs is achieved thanks to their rigid frame, with the reinforcement being covered with anti-corrosion and thermal insulation coatings.

How to choose top slabs for a reinforced concrete tray?

The manufacturing of top slabs is carried out by the requirements of the GOST 13015, so it is important to purchase reinforced concrete products for civil and industrial construction from approved vendors.

Also, when choosing the slabs, several technical characteristics and features of concrete structures should be taken into account, including:

  • slab length;
  • nominal width of the product;
  • slab thickness in cm, the mass of top slab;
  • concrete brand (usually, heavy brands B15 or B20 are used);
  • estimated load;

Product marking of the products means: the first digit is the serial number; the second is the maximum safe load. It is important to select the dimensions of the slab for the particular concrete tray properly to ensure the reliability and efficient operation of the utility network.

If you are experiencing difficulties in choosing among the reinforced concrete products, our managers will assist you in finding proper concrete tray top slabs in full compliance with your future tasks. We will deliver your order whenever it is convenient for you directly at the construction site all over Ukraine.