Reinforced concrete floor slabs (multi-hollow) with possible delivery all over Ukraine

available products
without shipping,uah
widthheight, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
ПК 17-10-81725.571680220600B15
ПК 17-12-81725.571680220770B15
ПК 17-15-82264.721680220850B15
ПК 18-10-81785.631780220600B15
ПК 18-12-81786.551780220800B15
ПК 18-15-82346.501780220900B15
ПК 19-10-81763.681880220630B15
ПК 19-12-81844.771880220800B15
ПК 19-15-82428.271880220930B15
ПК 20-10-81909.211980220650B15
ПК 20-12-81909.911980220930B15
ПК 20-15-82508.6619802201000B15
ПК 21-10-81968.122080220900B15
ПК 21-12-81968.122080220900B15
ПК 21-15-82590.4320802201050B15
ПК 22-10-82030.492180220930B15
ПК 22-12-82030.492180220930B15
ПК 22-15-82672.2121802201100B15
ПК 23-10-82089.392280220950B15
ПК 23-12-82090.092280220950B15
ПК 23-15-82753.9822802201170B15
ПК 24-10-82151.762380220980B15
ПК 24-12-82477.012380220980B15
ПК 24-15-82835.7623802201200B15
ПК 25-10-82208.3624802201000B15
ПК 25-12-82152.4624802201000B15
ПК 25-15-82917.5324802201250B15
ПК 26-10-82269.5725802201030B15
ПК 26-12-82270.2725802201030B15
ПК 26-15-82917.5325802201300B15
ПК 27-10-82392.0126802201080B15
ПК 27-12-82392.2426802201080B15
ПК 27-15-83079.6926802201330B15
ПК 28-10-82454.3827802201100B15
ПК 28-12-82454.6127802201100B15
ПК 28-15-83168.1627802201380B15
ПК 29-10-82510.9728802201130B15
ПК 29-12-82511.4328802201130B15
ПК 29-15-83252.9428802201420B15
ПК 30-10-82574.4929802201180B15
ПК 30-12-82575.1929802201180B15
ПК 30-15-83337.4929802201480B15
ПК 31-10-82633.4030802201200B15
ПК 31-12-82633.4030802201200B15
ПК 31-15-83417.8830802201520B15
ПК 32-10-82695.7731802201230B15
ПК 32-12-82695.7731802201230B15
ПК 32-15-83496.8831802201520B15
ПК 33-10-82755.8332802201250B15
ПК 33-12-82756.7532802201250B15
ПК 33-15-83571.7232802201600B15
ПК 34-10-82817.0533802201270B15
ПК 34-12-82817.7433802201280B15
ПК 34-15-83645.1833802201650B15
ПК 35-10-82877.1134802201330B15
ПК 35-12-82877.3434802201330B15
ПК 35-15-83720.0234802201700B15
ПК 36-10-82936.0135802201130B15
ПК 36-12-82936.9335802201380B15
ПК 36-15-83793.4835802201750B15
ПК 37-10-83031.8836802201150B15
ПК 37-12-83032.1136802201400B15
ПК 37-15-83868.3336802201770B15
ПК 38-10-83078.0737802201180B15
ПК 38-12-83078.3137802201430B15
ПК 38-15-83941.7837802201830B15
ПК 39-10-83133.5138802201210B15
ПК 39-12-83133.7538802201450B15
ПК 39-15-84012.4738802201880B15
ПК 40-12-83178.1039802201480B15
ПК 40-10-83177.4139802201240B15
ПК 40-15-84087.3139802201920B15
ПК 41-10-83239.7840802201270B15
ПК 41-12-83240.4740802201500B15
ПК 41-15-84160.7740802201980B15
ПК 42-10-83300.9941802201300B15
ПК 42-12-83240.4741802201550B15
ПК 42-15-84235.6241802202030B15
ПК 43-10-83362.2042802201330B15
ПК 43-12-83362.4442802201580B15
ПК 43-15-84309.0742802202050B15
ПК 44-10-83423.4243802201350B15
ПК 44-12-83423.4243802201600B15
ПК 44-15-84383.9243802202100B15
ПК 45-10-83480.0144802201390B15
ПК 45-12-83480.2544802201650B15
ПК 45-15-84457.3844802202150B15
ПК 46-10-83542.3945802201420B15
ПК 46-12-83542.6245802201700B15
ПК 46-15-84532.2245802202200B15
ПК 47-10-83601.2946802201450B15
ПК 47-12-83602.2146802201730B15
ПК 47-15-84605.6846802202250В15
ПК 48-10-83663.6647802201480B15
ПК 48-12-83664.5847802201750B15
ПК 48-15-84683.2947802202300B15
ПК 49-10-83722.5748802201500B15
ПК 49-12-83722.8048802201800B15
ПК 49-15-84767.8448802202350B15
ПК 50-10-83783.7849802201520B15
ПК 50-12-83783.7849802201830B15
ПК 50-15-84857.9349802202380B15
ПК 51-10-83842.6850802201570B15
ПК 51-12-83843.3850802201850B15
ПК 51-15-84956.3450802202420B15
ПК 52-10-83905.0551802201590B15
ПК 52-12-83905.7551802201900B15
ПК 52-15-85063.0651802202470B15
ПК 53-10-83966.2752802201630B15
ПК 53-12-83966.7352802201930B15
ПК 53-15-85172.5552802202530B15
ПК 54-10-84028.6453802201660B15
ПК 54-12-84029.1053802201950B15
ПК 54-15-85284.8253802202570B15
ПК 55-10-84086.395480220-----B20
ПК 55-12-84087.3154802202000B15
ПК 55-15-85413.7254802202630B15
ПК 56-10-84147.6055802201710B20
ПК 56-12-84148.3055802202030B15
ПК 56-15-85541.2355802202670B15
ПК 57-10-84208.8256802201740B15
ПК 57-12-84209.2856802202050B15
ПК 57-15-85668.7456802202720B15
ПК 58-10-84458.3057802201770B20
ПК 58-12-84458.7657802202100B15
ПК 58-15-85796.2557802202750B15
ПК 59-10-84554.1658802201810B20
ПК 59-12-84554.4058802202130B15
ПК 59-15-85911.2958802202800B15
ПК 60-10-84643.1059802201840B20
ПК 60-12-84643.1059802202150B15
ПК 60-15-86009.7059802202850B15
ПК 61-10-84733.1960802201870B25
ПК 61-12-84733.1960802202180B15
ПК 61-15-86102.5660802202900B15
ПК 62-10-84827.9061802201900B25
ПК 62-12-84828.8261802202200B15
ПК 62-15-86191.2661802202950B15
ПК 63-10-84916.8462802201930B25
ПК 63-12-84917.5362802202250B15
ПК 63-15-86279.9762802203000B15
ПК 64-10-85148.9963802201960B25
ПК 64-12-85148.9963802202280B20
ПК 64-15-86704.0863802203030B20
ПК 65-10-85239.0864802201990B25
ПК 65-12-85239.0864802202300B20
ПК 65-15-86820.5164802203080B20
ПК 66-10-85329.1765802202020B25
ПК 66-12-85329.1765802202350B20
ПК 66-15-86935.5465802203130B20
ПК 67-10-85451.6066802202050B30
ПК 67-12-85452.5266802202400B20
ПК 67-15-87051.9766802203170B20
ПК 68-10-85512.8167802202080B30
ПК 68-12-85513.5167802202450B20
ПК 68-15-87160.0867802203220B20
ПК 69-10-85604.0668802202110B30
ПК 69-12-85604.9868802202500B25
ПК 69-15-87627.1668802203280B25
ПК 70-10-85696.4669802202140B30
ПК 70-12-85696.4669802202530B25
ПК 70-15-87668.7469802203300B25
ПК 71-10-85786.5570802202170B30
ПК 71-12-85786.5570802202550B25
ПК 71-15-87778.2370802203350B25
ПК 72-10-85878.0371802202200B30
ПК 72-12-85878.0371802202580B25
ПК 72-15-87894.6671802203400B25
ПК 73-12-88297.9872802203050B30
ПК 73-15-810892.5772802203470B30
ПК 74-12-88364.5173802202600B30
ПК 74-15-810996.5273802203500B30
ПК 75-12-88425.4974802202650B30
ПК 75-15-811100.4774802203550B30
ПК 76-12-88504.5075802202670B30
ПК 76-15-811204.4275802203660B30
ПК 77-12-88576.5776802202720B30
ПК 77-15-811308.3776802203600B30
ПК 78-12-88634.7877802202750B30
ПК 78-15-811412.3277802203630B30
ПК 79-12-89416.4878802202780B30
ПК 79-15-811742.1978802203720B30
ПК 80-12-89462.2279802202830B30
ПК 80-15-811975.0479802203750B30
ПК 81-12-89653.4980892202880B30
ПК 81-15-812180.1780802203780B30
ПК 82-12-89720.4881802202900B30
ПК 82-15-812385.3081802203830B30
ПК 83-12-89801.7982802202920B30
ПК 83-15-812590.4282802203380B30
ПК 84-12-89872.4883802202950B30
ПК 84-15-812914.7583802203950B30
ПК 85-12-810010.8584802203000B30
ПК 85-15-813133.7484802203970B30
ПК 86-12-810293.8285802203050B30
ПК 86-15-813352.7285802204030B30
ПК 87-12-810406.0986802203080B30
ПК 87-15-813571.7186802204070B30
ПК 88-12-811032.5687802203100B30
ПК 88-15-813790.7087802204130B30
ПК 90-12-811215.5188802203200B30
ПК 90-15-814055.4388802204250В30
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Serial production of reinforced concrete floor slabs in Ukraine is carried out according to the established parameters, the requirements of the GOST and European quality standards.

"VILES" Company offers a wide range of standard types and dimensions of reinforced floor slabs, which allows executing any tasks in civil and industrial construction. Reinforced concrete floor slabs of non-standard dimensions are produced individually. Although to reach economies of the project budget, we propose the developer to purchase standardized reinforced concrete floor slabs, as the production of non-standard products requires additional costs in terms of timing and finances.

Standard sizes of floor slabs

As we have already mentioned, the standard dimensions of the product is a guarantee of a competitive price for a floor slab consisting of high-quality concrete and metal reinforcement elements.

In the construction industry, the reinforced concrete slabs are considered to be the construction material, which is exposed to heavy loads in the course of operation period being a constructive part of buildings and structures. Therefore, the selection of the products and their vendor should be taken responsibly. Choose concrete floor slabs with hinges for easy and simple installation of bearing structures.

Standard dimensions range:

  • Length from 1.6 to 9 meters;
  • Width: 1, 1.2, 1.5 meters;
  • Thickness of the slab - 220 mm, 320 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm.

This dimensions chart allows designing buildings of different configurations using the slabs based on heavy concrete of the brand M200 and lightweight reinforced concrete structures containing lighter components, such as claydite. Such concrete products are usually made as hollow structures of 2.4 to 6.6 meters in length, depending on the technology of the manufacturing plant. The weight of the reinforced concrete slab can range from 0.5 to 5 tons. When choosing monolithic slabs for building a house, it is necessary to take into account quite a large weight of the product.

Thick solid slabs (160 mm) provide the proper heat and sound insulation of the premises. Meanwhile, reinforced concrete slabs require additional soundproofing. When choosing floor slabs, it is necessary to pay attention to the permissible loads, which depend on the method of reinforcement, the dimensions of the products, and the brand of concrete. For the construction of residential builds, they apply concrete slabs with a calculated load of 300 kgf / m2 or more. For the construction of industrial and commercial structures, the slabs of a calculated load up to 800 kgf / m2 are applied.

Purchase floor slabs with delivery all over Ukraine

Here you can to purchase hollow-core floor slabs, which are environmentally safe floor slabs with high levels of sound insulation thanks to oval and round voids within them. Application of high-quality steel reinforcement elements provides them with durability, reliability, and stability against heavy loads.

To decide on the kind of products and organize the delivery of construction materials to the object, feel free to contact our managers, as they are happy to assist you.