Reinforced concrete girders

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
ПР 45.4.4-57119.1238044044801550B25
ПР 45.4.4-77840.2638044044801550B25
ПР 60.4.4-515096.3338044059802050B25
ПР 34.4.4-4 АIII5531.5044044033801280В15
ПР 60.5.5-7 АIII25081.8354052059803300-----
ПРГ 28.1.3-4 АIII1777.691203002780250-----
ПРГ 32.1.4-4 АIII1839.181204003500375B20
ПРГ 36.1.4-4 АIII2410.781204003580425B20
ПРГ 60.2.5-4 АIII10592.0320050059801500B25
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Reinforced concrete girders to purchase in Ukraine

Reinforced concrete girders are designed to redistribute the load received from floor slabs and load-bearing structures of the next levels of the whole structure. By its design, this is a concrete product, with I a reinforced frame inside. While high-quality concrete can withstand compression loads, the reinforcement frame allows the structural elements to be stretched and bent. Its lifetime is over half a century, but this is true only if you buy the reinforced concrete girders, which are made by the GOST.

Main dimensions and marking

The girders are installed in openings where the floor slabs have nothing to rely on, and if necessary, the girders are stacked as a belt, which holds the integrity of the build, constructed out of blocks, bricks, gas concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks, etc.

The classification includes the following types of reinforced concrete products:

  1. P. girders. An integral construction of the correct geometric shape.
  2. One-shelved girders. Have a shelf-like element that deviates from the main axis of the product.
  3. Rectangular girders. At the intersection looks like a regular rectangle.

The project design documentation specifies the product marking by the effective GOSTs. In addition to the lettering code, the numeric values are present, indicating the basic geometric dimensions of the product.

For instance, if the marking looks like PWG 28-1-3-4t, it means that the reinforced concrete girder has a rectangle form at the intersection. The number 28 indicates that the length of the product is 2800 mm. The width is one dm, and the height is 30 cm. The number 4 says that the girder is designed to hold a load of 4 tons for each linear meter of its length. But most importantly, to purchase the reinforced concrete girders that meet the effective standards, you need to choose the proper manufacturing plant.

To purchase the reinforced concrete girders with delivery in Ukraine

Any manufacturer has its concrete-mortar unit, and as the high-grade steels are commonly used for the reinforcement elements. There are many proposals on the market, but for the procurement to be reasonable, it is necessary to select the products that are distinctive by their minimal water absorption along with maximum resistance to frost.

At your request, our company arranges the delivery of high-quality reinforced concrete girders directly to the construction site. The transport costs are minimal, and the goods are delivered according to the schedule agreed with the customer. All the products are certified.