Precast component piles

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width, mmweight, kgcut
СВ 70.35-9 В258135.1570002150350
СВ 80.35-13 74013095.0480002450350
СН 80.35-11 7409796.8280002500350
СВ 60.35-11 В258608.9160001850350
СН 140.35-9 В2516356.92140004287350
СН 100.35-11 В2512287.26100003080350
СВ 50.30- 6 В25 6084651.0450001125300
СВ 50.30- 8 В25 6274715.3450001125300
СВ 60.30- 6 В25 6085102.4560001350300
СВ 60.30- 8 В25 6275479.8060001350300
СВ 60.35- 9 В30 7017236.5260001850350
СВ 70.30- 6 В25 6085970.3470001575300
СВ 70.30- 8 В25 6276385.4070001575300
СВ 70.35- 9 В30 7018330.7870002150350
СВ 80.30- 8 В25 6277317.5780001800300
СВ 80.35- 9 В30 7019567.6280002450350
СВ 80.35-11 В30 72811069.9880002450350
СВ 90.30- 6 В25 6087640.4190002025300
СВ 90.30- 6 В25 60810428.5290002025300
СН 70.30-11 В25 7157926.9170001575300
СН 80.30- 6 В25 6086871.7680001825300
СН 80.30- 8 В25 6277440.5580001825300
СН 80.35- 9 В30 7019796.8280002500350
СН 90.30- 6 В25 6087710.2890002025300
СН 100.30- 8 В25 6278463.57100002050300
СН 120.30- 8 В25 62710037.20120002750300
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Reinforced concrete precast component piles

The precast component piles are precast structures consisting of several sections, which are connected before being driven into the ground for the arrangement of the foundations for buildings, construction of transmission tower bases, bridges, masts, overpasses, etc.

The piles of the component type allow producing a structure with the maximum possible length up to 36 m, which cannot be accomplished using integral solid products.

The precast component piles, being a supportive element of a foundation, should be deepened into the layer of very dense grounds. Otherwise, if the pile toe is placed into the layer of loose ground, the structure will not get the necessary level of stability, which will lead to its subsidence. The arrangement of the foundation can be carried out at the construction site using the reinforced concrete component piles. They are quite efficient in the case when the delivery of any dimensional products is complicated due to certain circumstances. Component precast piles are the only right solution for the specialized construction companies, which do not have special pile divers capable of deepening the lengthful products into the ground when constructing engineering installations or apartment houses.

Design features of the product and tips on how to choose the piles

All the precast piles are made by the requirements of the GOST. Following these, the products consist of the lower and upper parts. The length of piles varies within 5-14 meters, with the intersection range of 300-350 mm.

The compound piles can be reinforced. For the manufacturing of the reinforcement frame, the high-quality fittings are used with a diameter of 13-20 mm. The latter consists of austenitic steel A2 and A3. To strengthen the structure stem in its cross-section, a metal mesh with the wire diameter of 5 mm, made of steel grade B-1 is used. The technology of construction of the pile structure provides for the use of heavy grades of concrete (minimum M200) containing a fine fraction of rubble of 4 cm size.

“VILES” Company offers a wide range of types and dimensions of component piles for various types of construction structures. The products meet the GOST and common industry standards. To contact a consultant regarding the purchase and delivery of products, call the contacts listed on our website.