Utility vaults of KKS type. What is necessary to know?

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Utility vaults are precast reinforced concrete products, manufactured according to the respective quality standard. Each reinforced concrete product is marked (for example, utility vault KKS-1), and also has its standard dimensions and mass. Reinforced concrete utility vaults are made in the form of tetragonal and octagonal structures, equipped with an entry opening, several elements for the installation of cable consoles, a hatch, and drainage outlet for rainwater. The quality and reliability of product safety depend on the technology chosen by the manufacturer, such as the type of reinforcement and the brand of the concrete mix.

Utility vaults KKS should be resistant against mechanical impacts, aggressive environment, high moisture and corrosion, temperature fluctuations. Compliance with quality standards (for example, the GOST 8020-90) ensures the durability of the reinforced concrete products and guarantees stable and trouble-free operation of communication lines.

Utility vaults are installed in grounds that are non-aggressive to concrete. The products are classified by size (KKS1 - KKS5) and weight of products (light and heavy ones). Lightweight utility vaults are installed under hiking tracks, sidewalks, and heavy ones under highways. This classification allows you to choose the products optimally for their price, avoiding additional financial costs.

There are several forms of utility vaults exist:

  • prismatic;
  • round;
  • square

As for the way of installing reinforced concrete for communication, there are several types of vaults produced:

  • angular,
  • stationary;
  • passable.

The most demanded on the market are stationary utility vaults, others are less popular and commonly installed in highly inaccessible places.

Sales of reinforced concrete utility vaults in Ukraine

Reinforced concrete utility vaults are mandatory elements of underground utility communications. They are used for installation and periodical maintenance of a city cable communication lines. The installation of utility vaults allows installing new communication lines, to find malfunctions, and to carry out maintenance of cable tracks.

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