Reinforced concrete thermal chambers as mandatory elements of heating mains

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
КП-3 (ПП34.14.2)6849.26139020034002025B25
КП-2 (ПП22.14.2 )4949.87139020022001350B25
КПд-2 (ПП34.6.2)3814.0459020034001000B25
КС-1 (ПС 21.11.2)3100.0210502002100900B25
КС-2 ( ПС 27.11.2)4036.37105020027001175B25
КС-4 ( ПС 33.11.2)5043.89105020033001450B25
КС-5 ( ПС 39.11.2 )5531.76105020039001450B25
КС-9 ( ПС 27.11.2-1)4110.07105820027001175B25
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Nowadays, thermal chambers are widely applied to reach the efficient performance of engineering communications. These reinforced concrete products of rectangular form are intended for installing the pipelines to transport gas, water, or being parts of sewage systems, or heating systems. Reinforced concrete structures allow reliable protection of the utility lines against mechanical impacts, the negative effects of high moisture (groundwater) and temperature fluctuations. Also, they increase efficiency, durability, and functionality of the utility networks. Each thermal chamber maintains the technical condition of a separate section of the pipeline and the performance of the entire communication system, which lies inside the reinforced concrete structure. Underground communications covered with the ground layer and placed inside the chambers, will serve longer with fewer heat losses. The thermal chamber is placed in the ground at a certain depth within the actual freezing level of the ground (depends on the climatic zone) so that the structure operates flawlessly for a long time.

Features of manufacturing the thermal chambers

The thermal chamber is made of high-strength concrete of B25 brand, which contains special chemical additives to achieve the required frost resistance and water resistance of the structure. To extend the operational lifetime of thermal chambers, the manufacturers apply high carbon steel fittings as the reinforcement elements.

Reinforced concrete thermal chambers are precast structures consisting of blocks that are interconnected by welding their built-in steel parts. The product is delivered to the construction site either in parts or in assembled form.

“VILES” Company offers profitable conditions for purchasing precast thermal chambers and other components for construction and convenient maintenance of any utility networks. Our catalog presents the basic types and dimensions of thermal chambers used in civil and industrial construction. The price of reinforced concrete thermal chambers depends on the type of their design, weight, and dimensions of their constructive elements. Our assortment includes thermal chambers possessing a high coefficient of strength and water resistance. All products meet the quality standards, that is confirmed by the presence of the certificate for each product. To place an order, feel free to contact our managers.