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Reinforced concrete tramway slabs

Reinforced concrete tramway slabs are the simplest and the only viable solution for the construction of a roadway on which trams run. Tram track coating must ensure the proper and secure position of the rails and the whole runway system. This will create the ideal conditions for transport traffic. The smooth movement of the tram will minimize the noise and vibration levels, which will create a positive atmosphere in the city streets and for the people around.

Advantages of using tramway slabs

Special concrete slabs for tram tracks laying have several advantages:

  • a long period of operation for up to 25 years;
  • high strength;
  • they do not impede access to rails and sleepers;
  • provide easy maneuvering of municipal transport;
  • affordable price.

The tramway slabs fulfill an important mission in the arrangement of the city in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Reinforced concrete tramway slabs are installed along with rubber retainers, which are in the so-called "hollows" of the rails. All loads from the movement of trams and cars on the roadway are taken at first by the slabs, and then they are transmitted on to the base of the sleepers.

Rubber retainers allow filling the space within the whole structure, which in turn reduces vibration and provides a comfortable urban environment.

Reinforced concrete tramway slabs can be produced with a corrugated or a smooth surface. In the first case, good adhesion of the car wheels to the roadway will be ensured. For the manufacture of slabs, heavy concrete not lower than the B30 brand is used. “VILES” Company offers for sale the tramway slabs of several types and dimensions with delivery all over Ukraine. Contact our specialists via phone to place your order.