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Reinforced concrete walkway slabs

Concrete paving slabs are an excellent option for the construction of motorways, highways, city streets, and other municipal facilities. These concrete products allow quick and efficient construction of a roadway, intended for significant dynamic and static loads.

With the development of technological progress and road traffic increase, it became necessary to create quality material for the construction of the roadway. Such structures should not be destroyed over time, even under the condition of high road capacity. Reinforced concrete paving slabs perfectly meet these requirements thanks to the use of heavy brands of concrete, such as B30 F200W4 and high-quality steel fittings as the reinforcement for them. Thanks to the various dimensions of the slabs, the most complex structures might be erected.

Purchasing concrete paving slabs in Ukraine

“VILES” Company offers for sale a wide range of concrete paving slabs of various types and dimensions, made by the requirements of the GOST - 21924.0-84. Our catalog presents the slabs, which differ not only by the type and concrete brand they consist of but also by their geometric dimensions:

  • length from 1510 to 6000 mm;
  • height from 120 to 220 mm;
  • width from 1200 to 2000 mm.

The concrete paving slab has several significant advantages over the asphalt coating:

  • provides strength and durability of the roadway;
  • easy and quick repairs if needed (although this happens quite rarely);
  • Resistance to frost is up to 100 cycles along with sunlight resistance. Unlike asphalt, concrete structures do not crack or melt;
  • the relatively low cost of the reinforced concrete products and the lack of necessity to apply heavy construction machinery reduce total road construction costs.

The sole disadvantage of the reinforced concrete slabs when laying out the roadway is the formation of seams. If the setting of the ground takes place, the slabs can break, thereby disrupting the integrity of the roadway. Therefore, it is very important to review the condition of the concrete road surface periodically.

To solve any issues around wholesale procurement of the concrete paving slabs, please contact our managers via the phones listed on our website.