Reinforced concrete non-pressure pipes of vertical formation

available products
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width, mmweight, kgexternal diameter, mm inner diameter, mm soil flooding, m
TC 60.25-21.41250010007306004
TC 60.25-31.4125001007306006-10
TC 80.25-21.41250017509808004
TC 80.25-31.41250017509808006
TC 100.30-21.4130003300123010004
TC 100.30-31.4130003300123010006
TC 120.30-11.4130004175145012002
TC 120.30-21.4130004175145012004
TC 120.30-31.4130004175145012006
TC 140.30-11.4130005625169014002
TC 140.30-21.4130005625169014004
TC 140.30-31.4130005625169014006
ТС 40.25-21.4125005505104004
ТС 40.25-31.4125005505104006
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Reinforced concrete non-pressure pipes of vertical formation

According to the GOST 6482-2011, the reinforced concrete pipe is a product consisting of concrete, which fills the steel frame. As a result, a pipe is getting formed, and the product is characterized by high rates of strength and durability. Vertical formation technology allows manufacturing the concrete pipes that are suitable for the installation of non-pressure pipelines.

Features and advantages of non-pressure reinforced concrete pipelines

The reinforced concrete pipe is a product ready for installation. The main feature is the presence of a socket. The flanged connection is tight enough to prevent leakage in the absence of high pressure inside the system. The advantages include:

  1. The universality of non-pressure systems They are suitable for the installation of systems in civil and industrial construction.
  2. The complexity of the product purpose of the reinforced concrete structures allows them to be parts of drainage systems, waste stacks, pipelines for technical fluids, and sludges.
  3. Wide range of the reinforced concrete products. Our website presents various types and dimensions of the product, to simplify installing the reinforced concrete non-pressure pipes at a depth of 2 to 10 meters.
  4. Low price The cost of the non-pressure systems is lower if steel and concrete products are used. The material is resistant to external factors and aggressive environments. Their operation period is more than 50 years. No maintenance is required. The offered elements with different diameter, length, and weight meet the requirements of the GOST 6482-2011.

Where to purchase reinforced concrete pipes with delivery?

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