Reinforced concrete pipes for microtunnelling

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ТС 100.251.463290161000
ТС 100.25-П1.463290161000
ТС 120.30-4М1.464698,461200
ТС 120.30-4М-О1.464698,461200
ТС 120.30-5М1.464698,4101200
ТС 120.30-5М-О1.464698,4101200
ТС 120.30-5М-П1.464698,4101200
ТС 120.30-4М-П1.464698,461200
ТС 120.30-4М-ПО1.464698,461200
ТС 120.30-5М-ПО1.464698,4101200
ТСп 120.17.25-МД1.462662,4101200
ТСм 120.5.25-МД1.46783101200
ТСм 120.5.25-МД-П1.46783101200
ТСп 120.17.25-МД-П1.462662,4101200
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Reinforced concrete pipes for microtunnelling are used in construction if there is a necessity to install communication systems of various types. Microtunnelling is the technology of laying out communication pipelines within the ground without digging trenches. It is necessary for restrained urban conditions or if it is necessary to arrange a puncture under a road, a bridge, a building, a technical structure.

Advantages of reinforced concrete pipes

After making a puncture or digging a trench, it is necessary to install a durable pipe that would:

  • Serve up to half a century;
  • Require no maintenance;
  • Withstand the load;
  • Be resistant to the impact of corrosive environments.

Reinforced concrete pipes are the best choice for microtunnelling works. Their concrete component withstands maximum compression load, while the steel-reinforced frameworks withstand the loads on stretching and bending. The product itself is provided with a flanged connection, which is convenient for installation and allows ensuring the tightness of the channel.

Assortment and some rules on how to choose the product properly

When choosing among various reinforced concrete pipes for microtunnelling, it is necessary to consider the depth the pipeline will be installed.

The GOST and the SNIP determine the possibility of installing reinforced concrete pipes at a depth of 10 to 16 meters. The optimal diameter of the pipe is 1200 mm. The products of 1000 mm diameter are used at the maximum allowable depth. This is the main criterion that must be considered.

Where to purchase the reinforced concrete pipes for microtunneling?

Please, contact us. You can place an order right now without closing your browser tabs. Contact our manager to find out what discount is available in your case. If you are our regular or wholesale customer, then we will form a personal offer with the most favorable conditions. Products can be delivered anywhere in Ukraine. All the reinforced concrete microtunnelling pipes are made by the requirements of the GOST.