Reinforced concrete pipes with inner polyethylene liners

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weight, kgexternal diameter, mm inner diameter, mm soil flooding, m
TC 60.25-2П1.5510007306004
TC 60.25-3П1.5510007306006
ТС 80.25-2П1.5517509808004
ТС 80.25-3П1.5517509808006
ТС 100.30-2П1.553300123010004
ТС 100.30-3П1.553300123010006
ТС 120.30-1П1.554175145012002
ТС 120.30-2П1.554175145012004
ТС 120.30-3П1.554175145012006
ТС 140.30-1П1.555625169014002
ТС 140.30-2П1.555625169014004
ТС 140.30-3П1.555625169014006
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Purchasing high-quality reinforced concrete pipes with inner polyethylene liners

Modern technologies have made it possible to create and organize the production of pipes with an inner plastic liner. This product combines the best features and characteristics of concrete, metal, and plastic. The reinforced concrete non-pressure pipe with plastic liner is so designed that the pipeline, which is made of it, lasts for a long time. It is intact, does not need any additional maintenance, and remains effective throughout the entire period of operation.

Design and advantages

Any reinforced concrete pipe consists of a concrete massive, within which a steel reinforcement frame is installed. In this way, the durability of the product is achieved. And the plastic liner inside the pipe protects the concrete from within against the impact of corrosive media. The flow capacity is kept thanks to the absence of sediments on the surface of the plastic. The general list of competitive advantages of the reinforced concrete pipes with inner polyethylene liner includes the following:

  1. An extended period of operation. Polyethylene (liner) is intact to corrosion.
  2. Integrity. O-rings do not allow the elements of the pipeline to move.
  3. Tightness. Installing the rubber ring will ensure complete tightness.
  4. Flow capacity. Polyethylene does not delay sediments. All these points define the universality of the reinforced concrete pipes with inner plastic liners. They are widely used in civil and industrial construction.

Purchasing high-quality reinforced concrete pipes with inner polyethylene liners

When contacting our company, you purchase certified reinforced concrete products made by all the requirements of the effective GOST and TU. We arrange delivery directly of the product to the construction site anywhere in Ukraine. We will provide you with information support.

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