Ventilation units

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kgclass of concrete
ВБ 283387.6630027809101050B15
ВБ 303502.0030029809101025B15
ВБ 333838.9530032809101080B15
ВБ 28-13387.6630027809101050B15
ВБ 28-23413.0730027809101050B15
ВБ 3-283422.733002780910875B15
ВБ 3-303606.953002980910950B15
ВБ 3-333999.0330032809101025B15
ВБ 30-13602.6330029809101025B15
ВБ 30-23669.7130029809101025B15
ВБ 33-14021.9030032809101080B15
ВБ 33-24119.7230032809101080B15
ВБ 4-283867.914002780910900B15
ВБ 4-304070.6840029809101075B15
ВБ 4-334442.6840032809101020B15
ВБВ 283556.8930027809101050B15
ВБВ 303677.3330029809101025B15
ВБВ 334031.0430032809101080B15
ВБС -302623.844003280630650B15
ВБС -332786.973003280630750B15
ВБ 3-28-13573.663002780910875B15
ВБ 3-28-23756.613002780910875B15
ВБ 3-30-13724.603002980910950B15
ВБ 3-30-23942.623002980910950B15
ВБ 3-33-14186.5630032809101025B15
ВБ 3-33-24366.4530032809101025B15
ВБ 4-28-13941.094002780910900B15
ВБ 4-28-24128.624002780910900B15
ВБ 4-30-14220.1040029809101075B15
ВБ 4-30-24406.0940029809101075B15
ВБ 4-33-14628.6940032809101020B15
ВБ 4-33-24811.6440032809101020B15
ВБВ 28-13556.8930027809101050B15
ВБВ 28-23584.3430027809101050B15
ВБВ 30-13782.5430029809101050B15
ВБВ 30-23852.6630029809101025B15
ВБВ 33-14223.1430032809101080B15
ВБВ 33-24325.2930032809101080B15
ВБС -28-12489.673003280630625B15
ВБС -28-22515.593002780630625B15
ВБС -30-12623.843003280630650B15
ВБС -30-22649.763003280630650B15
ВБС -33-12898.273003280630750B15
ВБС -33-22898.273003280630750B15
ВБС -282369.223002780630625B15
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Reinforced concrete ventilation units with delivery all over Ukraine

If you need any ventilation units, the main parameter of them are their dimensions. All the products are made of high-quality heavy concrete based on a fine fraction of a filer, and their design provides reinforcement. Stainless steels capable of withstanding high tensile and flexural loads are used in this case. Concrete is to provide necessary compressive strength.

Scope of application, installation, requirements

The venting channels are installed on the vertical and horizontal axis, which is the reason for the quite high requirements to the strength of the structure. When you need purchasing ventilation channels, it is necessary to pay attention that the products meet the requirements of the GOST 26633-2012, when it comes to heavy reinforced concrete structures and the GOST 2582, if these are lightweight modifications.

Types and dimensions o the products, their labeling and markings

It is necessary to select the products from the presented catalog in a proper way. Therefore, it is worthy of knowing that the concrete ventilation blocks are marked, and this code contains information about their type and dimensions.

Generally, they might belong to the following types:

  1. Monolithic. These are reinforced concrete products from 0.95 to 3.28 meters long.
  2. Precast. Their length is 2.78-3.58 m, the width is 0.88 m, and the height is 0,3 m. Weight - from 0.85 to 1.38 t.

The numbering indicates the number of channels. The product can have from 1 to 4 consoles. For example, if it is said that the product corresponds to the marking 2VD 20.15.26, it means that it is a self-supporting ventilated concrete block. It has five channels, two consoles. The height of the product is rounded up to the whole number. If it is two, then following the GOST it will be 1.97. The dimensions are rounded up and calculated according to the specifics, and if this issue happens to be difficult, you can always ask for free advice from the managers of our company.

How much the reinforced concrete ventilation blocks cost with delivery all over Ukraine?

The price depends on their type and dimensions. Transportation costs are a mandatory part of the budget; that is why purchase the ventilation blocks from a nearby manufacturer. Also, this must be a plant that guarantees high-quality standards. All the products presented on our website are certified. We arrange delivery of concrete ventilation units to any settlement in Ukraine. The delivery schedule is agreed with the customer individually. Our company name is a synonym of timely provision for a construction site, which guarantees the commissioning of the building without delays. All our products are certified.