Reinforced concrete elements for sewage pumping stations

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height, mm diameter, mmweight, kg
КН 20.6-П1.055902000980
КН 20.9-П1.0589020001480
КН 20.15-П1.05149020002475
КН 20.18-П1.05179020003000
КН 20.20-П1.05199020003300
КН 24.12-П1.05120024002700
КН 24.18-П1.05179024003200
КН 24.20-П1.05199024004500
КНС 180.20-П1.05100018003300
КН 20.20-ПНП1.05199020003500
КН 24.12-ПНП1.05120024002700
КН 24.18-ПНП1.05179024003200
КН 24.20-ПНП1.05199024004500
КНС 180.20-ПНП1.05199018003500
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Reinforced concrete elements for sewage pumping stations with delivery

Sewage pumping stations are the main elements of the wastewater treatment system. Reliable operation, durability, strength, and convenience of the sewer system depend on its structure and technology of the construction of the build. One of the most actual ways of the construction the sewage stations and pumping units is the erection of reinforced concrete tanks of different designs and dimensions. These concrete tanks might be produced in cylindrical, rectangular, and cubic forms.

Sales of reinforced concrete products for pumping units and sewage pumping stations in Ukraine

Reinforced concrete is a universal construction material consisting of high-quality concrete and reinforcement elements. The excellent performance characteristics of the reinforced concrete products allow developing residential houses and industrial structures with a period of operation for up to 100 years. Reinforced concrete products are also used for the erection of sewage pumping stations by assembling rings directly at the site, installing the structure into a previously prepared pit. Monolithic construction with formwork arrangement may also be applied. Pumps, wastewater treatment equipment, and steel pipelines are installed in the assembled tank for pumping of life wastage. Reinforced concrete sewage pumping stations can be used to supply and discharge wastewater. The structure of the station, along with its performance rate within the range of 1 - 20 000 m3 / h, save space for the installation of wastewater treatment plants. The depth of SPS installation depends on the depth of the sewage pipeline position and the volume of liquid transported.

To purchase reinforced concrete products for installation of pumping units and sewage pumping stations

“VILES” Company offers profitable conditions for purchasing the structures to install pumping units and sewage stations. We offer reinforced concrete ring with openings to create entry points or drain wastewater. The cover of the reinforced concrete structure is equipped with two hinges and a hatch, for ease of installation and maintenance of the utility. For the sake of reliability and durability, the structures of sewage pumping station are additionally insulated against moisture and water. The form of the structure and the dimensions of complex structural elements are determined at the stage of project coordination with the customer. Also, you can always purchase reinforced concrete products of standard dimensions; the cost of them is remarkably lower. For sales and delivery issues, feel free to contact our managers.