Circular sections of reinforced concrete pipes

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In this category of goods, the circular pipe sections are presented. These are reinforced concrete products made by the GOST 24547-2016. High rates of load-bearing capacity are provided by a reinforced concrete massive. Concrete guarantees high compression strengths, and reinforcement works on bending and stretching. As a result, the reinforced concrete products can be laid under roadbeds, bridges, other structures, and builds.

Classification and characteristics

When selecting the elements of the reinforced concrete pipes, it is necessary to consider their basic parameters:

  • weight (1.05 - 2.75 tons);
  • diameter (from 1.0 to 2.0 meters);
  • discharge capacity.

The length of a standard round reinforced concrete pipe section is 1 meter. The ratio of these parameters allows installing systems of different purposes.

Application of the pipe sections (circular)

The main consumer of this product is the construction industry. Any reinforced concrete products (including circular pipe sections) are used in construction and landscaping. Some structures might be assembled using the reinforced concrete round sections:

  • wastewater drainage systems;
  • stormwater drainage pipelines;
  • pipelines under roads;
  • drainage systems under bridges, etc.

The main requirements for the reinforced concrete products of this category are the reliability of the vendor and their compliance with the GOST 24547-2016.

Where to purchase the circular reinforced concrete pipe sections?

It is enough to contact the manager of our company and place an order online. Our delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. The goods are brought to the construction site according to the schedule previously agreed. All products are certified and meet the requirements of effective industry standards. The flexible discount system is always functioning. Reach our consultant via phone to find out how much you can save in your case.