Rectangular elements of the reinforced concrete pipes

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width,mmheight, mmwidth, mmweight, kg
ЗП 21.751.414600330075010275
ЗП 8.1001.411740240010003200
ЗП 11.1001.412260250010004200
ЗП 12.1001.412320268010005600
ЗП 14.1001.412570284010005800
ЗП 17.1001.413400314010008000
ЗП 18.1001.4134603320100010000
ЗП 19.1001.414360306010009100
ЗП 20.1001.4144293100100010000
ЗП 21.1001.4146003300100013700
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The presented pipe sections are rectangular reinforced concrete products made according to the GOST 24547-2016. All the dimensions and strength requirements are taken as a basis. The rectangular section reinforced concrete pipes are a solid concrete structure with a steel frame installed inside their structure. This design ensures the versatility and durability of the product.

Scope of application

It is a mistake to assume that this type of production by the reinforced concrete plants is intended only for installing drainage systems under the roadbed. Scope of application of the products is quite wide, including:

  • installation of drains and water outlets;
  • installation of sewer networks;
  • arrangement of communication channels;
  • assembling industrial sludge feed/drainage systems, etc.

Dimensions of the products allow choosing rectangular pipe links for any purpose. Concrete products are laid in the course of the construction of roads and bridges, for the landscaping of adjacent territory, when assembling the production lines, etc.

Marking and assortment

When choosing the product, take into account its dimensions. The height and the width form its cross-section. The latter serves as an indicator of discharge capacity. The wall thickness determines the bearing capacity. It depends on the dimensions. The marking of the rectangular pipe links is 1,100 to 26,100. The ratio of the cross-section to length makes it easy to transport and stack the pipe sections. The weight of one element ranges from 3.2 to 10.275 tons.

Where to purchase the reinforced concrete pipe sections with delivery?

It is enough to place an order on our website, and the pipe sections will be delivered to your construction site on the agreed date. When choosing, take into account the information given in the project design documentation. In the absence of the latter, feel free to reach our managers for advice. All products are certified, possess perfect rectangular shapes, and meet the requirements of the GOST 24547-2016.