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Are you going to build your own private house? Is your company a specialized developer? Regardless of the tasks, you will have to purchase certain volumes of concrete. Our company executes wholesale deliveries of construction materials all over Ukraine. When purchasing concrete, the price and quality of the material is the key criterion for choosing a vendor. "VILES" Company offers the optimal price per cubic meter of concrete and arranges prompt delivery of construction materials to the customer's object. Delivery of concrete is carried out at a time convenient for you.

The main types of concrete

Here you can order concrete of various strength and granular structure, depending on the specifics of its further application and structural requirements.

When selecting the specific brand of concrete, it is necessary to be aware of its features, physical and mechanical characteristics, if they are suitable for specific construction technologies.

The cost of concrete also depends on its brand; among them, you can highlight the following:

  • M100 and M150 These are lightweight brands of concrete, which are preferable for minor works: arrangement of floor cement screeds, garden pathways renovation, pre-construction works, etc. Among the key advantages of them is the low price per cubic meter of such concretes.
  • M200 and M250 These are brands of medium-strength concrete to construct structures that will be subjected to insignificant loads (stairs, slabs, foundations).
  • M300 It is the most popular type of concrete on the market. The scope of its application is a wide range of repair and construction challenges. The brand is rather reasonable choice for installation of bearing walls, partitions, monolithic construction of high-rise buildings, swimming pools, etc.
  • M400 This is a special type of concrete, intended for large-scale construction of commercial structures, such as entertainment and shopping facilities, shopping malls and supermarkets, bridges and tunnels.

In addition to the listed brands, there are fine-grained concrete and claydite concrete. The first kind does not contain rubble and serves as a component of thin-walled reinforced concrete structures and reinforcement. Builders successfully apply Claydite concrete with sand of various fractions and density as its filler for their purposes.