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Construction of buildings, highways, complex structures, landscaping, and design of exterior require the presence of constructive bulk materials. Great variety of these materials is used as insulation for walls, floors, and foundations. Their minimal cost, variety, and universality make bulk materials available and indispensable in renovation and construction industry.

Types of bulk materials

These group of constructive materials is divided into several categories.

By structure:

  • High-density materials containing particles of high density;
  • Low-density porous materials.

By the composition of the grain:

  • minor fraction;
  • large grain.

By manufacturing method:

  • natural products;
  • artificial materials;
  • materials obtained by waste processing.

By the form of particles:

  • rounded;
  • with sharp edges.

«VILES» Company supplies the most popular bulk materials by the best Ukrainian manufacturers. Here you can order them on favorable terms:

  1. Sand Without this material, it is impossible to build any object. Sand is a sedimentary rock material. It is a constituent element of concrete mixes, and the mixes applied for laying tiles. It is also used for banking up foundations, design of a landscaped exterior and laying of a roadbed.
  2. Rubble It is non-organic constructive material obtained by crushing rocks. Depending on the roughness and size of the fraction, rubble is applied for preparing concrete mixes, establishing foundations for asphalting roads and manufacturing of armored concrete structures. Rubble is also used as a decorative material.
  3. Claydite This constructive bulk material is a product of firing of shale. Claydite has a porous structure, due to which is characterized by lightness, excellent thermal, and soundproof characteristics. The material is not burning and is convenient in the application. Its attractive price, in comparison with analogs, makes claydite affordable and most demanded material on the construction market. Claydite is used as a filler of light concrete mixes, in manufacturing of eco-friendly and "warm" claydite blocks, in the building of wall panels, floor insulation and for landscape design.

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