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Civil and industrial construction industry widely uses reinforced concrete products. Two principal components of reinforced concrete are concrete mass itself and steel reinforcement elements. The latter creates powerful adhesion and provides strength to the structure, which is resistant to adverse environmental conditions.

The filler, in this case, concrete, works on compression, while the steel reinforcement elements work on tension. The joint work by the components of reinforced concrete products might be explained by the following features:

  • effective adhesion between the reinforcement elements and concrete;
  • similar parameters of temperature expansion;
  • concrete protects metal against corrosive processes.

Manufacturing the reinforced concrete products

A reinforced concrete plant applies certain manufacturing technology to obtain reinforced concrete products. Several domestic and European quality standards regulate the requirements to the products, and design documentation of the customer specifies the particular features.

The technology of reinforced concrete structures consists of four basic successive stages:

  1. Composing the mix with the fillers, such as claydite and rubble, as the basic elements. The price of reinforced concrete in many respects depends on the amount and cost of filler. As a result of the mixing raw materials using special concrete mixers or vibration machines, the plants produce lightweight and heavy concrete. The mass of the material depends on the filler applied.
  2. Producing the reinforcing frames for reinforced concrete structures using longitudinal and transverse reinforcement elements The longitudinal ones are getting bent at their ends, while transversal ones are laid in the form of a zigzag grid, being connected by tack welds.
  3. Formation of completed products following continuous method using vibration rolling machines after having prepared the form; installing the reinforcement elements; filling the forms and consolidation of the composed material.
  4. The process of hardening, which may differ as manufacturers apply various technologies. The temperature of the processing of the structure affects the strength of the finished product.

Advantages of reinforced concrete products

Manufacturing the reinforced concrete products in industrial conditions serves as a guarantee of their quality, as the products are subjected to strict control by the internal quality control department. "VILES" Company offers to purchase standardized and non-standard structures according to the individual project of the customer. The respective passports for the products accompany all the products. This is our guarantee of the reliability, durability, and availability of high-quality reinforced concrete construction products on the Ukrainian market.